Bathroom Electric Radiators Modern and very efficient

JouleTherm JTB IP64 Bathroom Radiators

The JTB range of electric radiators are available in 4 sizes

  • JT3B – 300W  – Dimensions – 37cM wide X 90CM high
  • JT6B – 600W  – Dimensions – 52cM wide X 90CM high
  • JT9B – 900W  – Dimensions – 37cM wide X 180CM high
  • JT12B – 1200W  – Dimensions – 52cM wide X 180CM high

They are 100% waterproof and will suit all areas of bathrooms and wetrooms.

They can also be mounted horizontal or vertical on walls with limited space. All JTB electric radiators can be controlled by the JouleTherm JS10/2 touchscreen control panel as an optional extra.