Carbon Electric Paint (CeP)

Developed by the engineering team of EcoVolt Limited in Dublin, CeP is the abbreviation for Carbon Electric Paint. CeP is the brand name for their exclusive and Patent Pending product. The company registered the patent for the production of radiant heaters directly on to gypsum plasterboard by means of automatic screen printing process. Developed over 3 years, the technology is very new to the heating market but one that is also very exciting. Installations have been carried out by the Ecovolt team and it’s partners in regions such as Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Holland and Sweden with several more currently in discussion.

Construction Game Changer

CeP was developed to seamlessly integrate in the construction of dry wall systems. The concept of delivering a gypsum plaster board and radiator as one to the construction site will speed up installations of a heating system and will reduce the capital cost significantly compared to other technologies. The dry wall contractor can install the CeP fabricated boards just like any standard plasterboard, while the electrical contractor makes the necessary connections. Heating systems can be installed and commissioned very quickly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The final layer of the CeP is the decorative finish. Once it has it’s final coat of paint over it, it is completed. Invisible to the naked eye, the wall emits a radiant heat, just like a radiant panel. This is very pleasing to architects as it allows for the design of spaces without the requirement of visible radiators.

Testing and Accreditation

The CeP system was tested  in the UK by BSRIA. The test consisted of a performance test based on typical U-Values of standard homes and compared to new homes built to NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building) 2020 standards. A copy of test report 60610/1 can be downloaded here.

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