Exhaust Air Hybrid Hot Water System

EcoVolt’s H2O is one of Ireland’s most efficient hot water systems, using 70% less energy than traditional electric water heaters on the market. The H20 takes waste heat from the surrounding internal air to heat your domestic sanitary water. The H2O comes in 3 versions to suit various applications 190L, 260L and 300L so it is ideal for small apartments to large family homes. The H2O system can be used in both new build and retro – fit projects. For the new build residential market the H2O is Part L compliant and will improve the BER rating of the property due to its renewable energy efficiency rating.
The H2O has an efficiency (COP) of 4.1 (measured in accordance with the European standard EN 16147) with an internal air supply of 20°C/DB and a water temperature of 57.2°C. Therefore, the heating capacity is 2800 Watt with an electric consumption of 700 Watt. Consequently, it uses up to 70% less energy than a traditional electric immersion cylinder. The H20 cylinder is highly insulated and the temperature within the tank only drops 1⁰C every 6 hours.

How does the H2O work?

1.) The H2O uses a fan to pull in air from the surrounding atmosphere. This air is directed across an evaporator containing a low temperature, low pressure refrigerant.
2.) The heat in the air is transferred to the refrigerant via the evaporator, before it is exhausted to the atmosphere. The exhausted air leaving the system is very cold, this is because all the heat from the air is now in the refrigerant.
3.) The refrigerant having extracted the heat from the air moves to the Panasonic compressor. The compressor increases the refrigerant pressure to a high temperature, high pressure refrigerant.
4.) This high temperature, high pressure refrigerant leaves the compressor and travels down a condenser coil located inside the H2O tank. The heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the water via this condenser coil.
5.) Having transferred its heat into the water, the refrigerant is once again in a low temperature low pressure state and is returned to the evaporator.
6.) This cycle continues until the refrigerant has transferred enough heat from the air to bring the temperature of the stored water to it’s desired temperature. Once the water has reached the desired temperature as set on the control panel, the H2O will switch off.

The product comes with an A+ energy rated label and is a renewable energy product as certified by TUV SUD.
The 260L and 300L models come with an additional hybrid coil that can be connected to a thermal solar panel or boiler if required.

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