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Zero1 Ductless MVHR

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EcoVolt Zero1

De-centralised MVHR

The Zero 1 is a de – centralised ductless mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. With a heat recovery efficiency up to 90% and extremely low running costs of only 6 watts (€10/year) on high speed the Zero 1 is very energy efficient for new and retro-fit air tight buildings. Excellent indoor air quality is achieved as each Zero1 unit can deliver a maximum ventilation rate of 60m³/h. The Zero1 uses a brushless bi – directional motor and has 3 modes of operation, fresh air mode, exhaust air mode and cycle mode. In the cycle mode, the motor switches its cycle every 60 seconds and as the stale air is being exhausted out it passes several filters and a ceramic heating core. The ceramic heating core is heated up waiting for the motor to swtich to fresh air mode. The fresh air passes through the heated ceramic core and recovers up to 90% of the heat and sends it back into the room.

Quick & Easy Installation

When it comes to building an air-tight building, mechanical ventilation is one of the most important pieces of kit required to allow the structure to breathe. It is essentially the lungs of the building. Detailed planning is required to plan duct routes through web joists and attic voids back to the central fan. This is all very achievable on a completely new build dwelling when there is a blank canvas to work with. When working on an energy retro-fits or extension to the property, the luxury of having exposed ceilings and routes for the ducting is not always there. This is where the ZERO 1 will have a greater advantage over the centralised system. The installation is very straight forward. A core hole in the location where the unit is going and a small power cable is all that is required. Installation can be less than 30 minutes for each unit and it does not require a professional to fit.

Balance in harmony

Using the smart wireless touchscreen control panel, several Zero1 units can be grouped together. Some units can be programmed to exhaust air while others can be programmed to supply air into the building. The silent motors in the Zero1 can change cycle and switch from exhaust to supply therefore recovering up to 90% of the heated air during the exhaust cycle.

Ceramic heat exchange core

At the heart of the Zero1 is the ceramic core heat exchange unit. This core is protected either side by special filters that trap VOC’s on exhaust and supply mode and only allow air to flow through. Every element inside the Zero1 is removable for cleaning ensuring quality fresh heated air is supplied into the building. This feature also eliminates the requirement for expensive service professionals to carry out maintenance works as it can be easily done by the homeowner. It would be like cleaning out a domestic vacuum cleaner.

EcoVolt Zero1 Benefits

Simple installation. No ducts required.

Ideal for new builds and energy retro-fits of buildings

Designed to work in airtight buildings

Extremely low running costs

Can be maintained without the requirement of a specialist

Low noise operation

Remote control included

Eco Volt Zero1

Design with ease

Designing a ventilation system for a new home or renovation could not be easier and be in full compliance with the new building regulations and nZEB. One Zero1 unit is capable of extracting 60m³/h (16.6l/s) at high speed. According to the TDG Part F 2019 regulations the minimum extract rate for a kitchen is 13l/s.



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