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Nearly Zero Energy Building

What is the nZEB Standard?

Nearly Zero Energy Building

Any building that is given the standard of nZEB is a building with nearly zero net energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly nearly zero. With EcoVolt products your building can achieve this standard.

European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010

All New Buildings to be nZEB by Dec 2020

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010 (EPBD) requires all new buildings to be nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZZEB) by 31st December 2020 and all buildings acquired by public bodies by 31st December 2018. This means that buildings completed after these dates should endeavour to reach the standard of nZEB regardless of when the building project started.

In July 2016 the European commission provided additional guidance on the nZEB standard, in particular for the Oceanic Zone which applies to Ireland.

In response to the revised regulations the Irish Government have issued revised Non-Residential Building Regulations which comes into force 1st January 2019 with a transitional arrangement beyond 1st January 2020.

For residential buildings the revised Building Regulations which comes into force on 1st April 2019. This means that any dwelling receiving planning permission after the 1st April should meet the nZEB standard.


Our nZEB Standard Products

Move closer to nZEB with EcoVolt products where nZEB Standard is not only achievable but made easy.

Solar PV Panels

Generate your own Free Power


Photovoltaic Solar Panels convert UV light into DC power. Your Hybrid inverter converts DC current into AC current for use in your home.

EVi Hybrid Battery Inverter

The Future of Clean Energy is Here


The EcoVolt EVi solar hybrid inverter turns you into a producer of energy and a consumer of energy. This will dramatically reduce energy bills.

H2o Hot Water system

Exhaust Air Heat Pump Hot Water System


The EcoVolt H2o takes waste heat from the surrounding internal air to heat your domestic hot water.

CeP Paint Heating System

Energy Efficient Product of the Year


Tthe CeP can turn any wall or ceiling into a very energy efficient radiant heater. Using low energy consumption the CeP is the world’s first ever electric paint on system.

JTR Ceramic Electric Radiators

Energy Efficient Electric Heating


The JTR ceramic electric radiators are suitable for replacing old outdated storage heating or simply adding a very efficient heating and control system to your home.

Heating Controls

Heating Control at Your Fingertips


Two heating controls available through EcoVolt website and in our showrooms, the JS10/2 Touchscreen Central Control Panel and the HT-01 Heating Thermostat.

Contact us to make an appointment to visit our showrooms where we can demonstrate our products and their key benefits.

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